Recent News:

Hello you,
Thank you for your interest in Milk Money! You’re probably here because you’re curious about what we’re up to. However, we have some unfortunate news: after some soul-searching (and pocket-searching), Milk Money is on an indefinite hiatus. Both of us have embarked on new endeavors, and at the exacerbation of unwieldy publishing costs we feel it is time for us to step back and reevaluate the future of our little journal.

Volume Nine: Semper Ubi Sub Ubi is complete, and will be posted as an online-only issue soon.

Why not continue as online-only hence forth? If you’ve been following the Milk Money narrative lo-these four years, you’ll know we have been proponents of the “PRINT LIVES!” militia. We’re another casualty in the war, and may, one day, recommence as an online journal (with bowed heads). But for now, with ink-stained hands and tear-streaked cheeks, we must bid you adieu.

Thank you again for these wonderful years, and we hope to see you on the otherside,
Maija & Ian